My name is Cristian Băluță and i'm living in Romania/Cluj-Napoca right now. I'm passionate, in the chronologic order, about: electronics, holistic healing, graphology, programming, photography, reading people, raw food, cycling.


iPhone/iPad/Mac swift
Since 2015.

iPhone/iPad Objective-C
Since 2009.

Crossplatform iOS/Android with Haxe NME
Since 2011.

Since 2007 - With Flash target and Neko.
Since 2011 - With JS and PHP targets.

Flash AS3

Since 2012. Working on the Hxobjc target.


Various opensource projects and libraries I made are on Github

App Store

This is my personal App Store with the projects I love the most.


T: +40 (0)722 90 55 82


Designers i've worked with



Blinkk is a simple Mac app to remind you about eye breaks when working for extended periods at computer.

Quick Reminders
Now you can create reminders in 3 easy steps instead 10. QReminders is fast by design and you can keep notes on a wide range of topics: events, meetings, random notes, movies to watch, places to visit, eat&drink, things to buy.


iPhone / iPad

Glance - Group Photo Sharing Glance - Group Photo Sharing
I'm responsible for the development and first release of this ios app. It can be found on all other platforms as well and is a photo sharing app.


Instaslider Instaslider
Very easy to use app to create beautiful KenBurns slideshows from images from various sources: local library, facebook, 500px, instagram. You can add also music then share with friends on facebook.


Apometre Apometre
In Romania we keep inventory each month of the consumed water, I'm glad to say that this is the first and maybe the only app for this purpose. It uses CoreData to keep the database and CoreGraphics to draw the graphic.


Hello in any language Hello in any language
The largest database in the world with translations of the word "Hello". People can see, hear, record and share hellos, a great way to learn or to have fun. Check it's website.


Face Reading Face Reading
Your face is an intriguing combination of genetic structure, environmental influence, and marketings caused by repetitive expression. It shows the world who you are, how you have felt, and what you are likely to feel again. It also shows what you have done and potentially where you can go. The drawings were made by Mihaela You can buy the universal iPhone/iPad app from iTunes for $1.



Sam or Cat Sam or Cat
Simple game made with the ralcr sdk and compiled for flash and html5.


Ice breaker Ice breaker
Iphone and Android social game made with Haxe and NME. It's purpose is to break as many ice cubes ina given time and be the first in top. Some bonuses are throun from time to time to help you with that.

Prevent Fires Prevent Fires
AS3 game done for an exhibition about future technoogies in London. The goal is to place tools on a building floorplan and to save all the people when the fire starts. It uses Starling and isohill.

Whack the agency Whack the agency
The name came from all that whack a mole games, but all the characters are from the agency I was working at that moment. Photos made by me with a fisheye lens. Play it here

http://ralcr.com/projects/flash/whack the agency


sdk.ralcr sdk.ralcr
The Haxe crossplatform framework my projects are based on. Widely inspired by Objective-C language. Some classes are compatible with the flash and javascript target, some are on their way to become. It supports the Haxe NME library with which you can build native iPhone, Mac, Android, WebOS, Windows applications with the same base code.


IMAGIN is my heart project. I started programming photo galleries from my beginnings in flash in 2005. I called it IMAGIN in 2006 and released it as a free software. Right now i'm at version 3 beta, one release for iPhone/iPad, plans to release a HTML5 version and a new Flash version with plugins.



DEXOffline DEXOffline
dexonline.ro database taken offline for Dictionary.app, Leopard and Snow Leopard. The project started as a question from the romanian macuser community, and i said why not to try? I was prepared to work much more, but ended up to be quite easy. What i've done is the conversion tool for sql to xml, then the xml is converted to Dictionary.app plugin by apple tools. Made with haXe and Neko (SqlToXml)


Flash / Haxe

Celebre friends Celebre friends
This is one of the coolest projects i've made. It's a video player that can display some other heads over the heads of the actors in the movies. Multiple technologies involved, AfterEffects to track the eyes of the characters, Neko to parse the tracking points, and haXe to build everything, including the crop tool for the faces. Too bad it didn't saw the light of the day but you can see it here.

http://ralcr.com/projects/flash/celebre friends

kovideo.net kovideo.net
Haxe project consisting of an expandable playlist and a video player at the bottom of the website. It communicates through JS with the rest of the website. Browse it live here


DJ Wanda DJ Wanda
Presentation website for a romanian DJ. Even if the design is not mine, i had a great deal of freedom to work on the content, photos, animations. Made at MBDragan. Browse it live here


fatum.ro fatum.ro
3 rare and limited wines. The numbers are decreasing as people buy them. Made at Milc.


fabrik.ro fabrik.ro
Simple and clean. Made at Milc.


stickies stickies
A webpage with stickies that you can access from any computer. Good to exchange text between computers. Browse it live here


vinul de nunta vinul de nunta
Simple and cool campaign website for the most known wine company in Romania, Murfatlar. Browse it live here


la-luna.ro la-luna.ro
La-Luna is an events website which requires regular updates. The most complex deeplinking website i've made by myself. It includes an admin panel which looks exactly like the website with which you can edit anything.


cap.ro cap.ro
Old project made at milc.ro It's also complex because it has an admin panel inside. Made with Adobe Flash. Browse it live here


nomu.ro nomu.ro
NOMU official products in Romania. Browse it live here. Made at basislab.ro



HeartEquation HeartEquation
Hard to believe that the heart has an equation? It has even more, chose the shape you like.


AcordeonPhotos AcordeonPhotos
This is not really an experiment, i've made it for a project for HP



Websites i've made that are not online anymore, or they are very old.

carioca studio carioca studio
Website for the award winning commercial photographers from Carioca. Made at milc.ro


carioca cgi carioca cgi
I am very proud i've worked for carioca websites. Design by Iacob Sascha.


cosmingogu.com cosmingogu.com
Very old project, beautiful photos. Not online anymore.

corinaolaru.com corinaolaru.com
Photography website (2007) Browse it live here